Beliefs, Mission and Goals

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  • René Brunelle Provincial Park is a significant part of our region’s environmental, cultural and touristic richness.
  • Families should have affordable opportunities to enjoy Remi Lake and its natural surroundings.
  • René Brunelle Provincial Park should continue to play a crucial role in helping people develop a meaningful connection with the northern Ontario nature for generations to come.

The Friends of René Brunelle Provincial Park is a non-profit charitable organization whose primary purpose is the preservation and promotion of René Brunelle Provincial Park as a unique recreational, educational and environmental value to our region.


  • Promoting the park and increasing the number of users so that it can achieve financial sustainability and therefore remain operational for future generations.

To achieve our goals, we will…

  • Organize educational and recreational activities for the park users and for visitors in order to further their appreciation of the park’s natural assets.
  • Stimulate community interest and involvement in our park by establishing partnerships and creating events.
  • Promote the use of our park and its beaches for gatherings (picnics, birthday parties, weddings, …) and for healthy outdoor activities (canoeing, kayaking, swimming, bird watching,…)
  • Work closely with Ontario Parks to ensure we can achieve our goals while respecting and protecting the park’s natural environment.
  • Raise awareness regarding the importance of our park’s success for a long-term sustainable local economy.