Moonbeam Nature Trail – Photo by KEN REED

Park Trails

La Vigilance Trail (1.5 km)
This trail starts near Phipps point and follows the shores of Remi Lake.   There are information posts where you can learn about Remi Lake’s role in the history of floatplanes in the north.  Further along the trail, there’s a beautiful rest spot with a bench set up on a rock where you can contemplate the lake.

Spruce Lowland Trail (1.6 km)
Through this trail, you can discover the trees of the Boreal Forest as well as spruce bogs with its marshland plants and trees.

Local Trails

Moonbeam Nature Trails
Near the Park’s entrance, you can enter the Moonbeam Nature Trail system; 34 km of beautiful trails where you can explore nature on foot or on a bicycle. Near the town of Moonbeam, 11 kilometers of those trails are paved, therefore accessible for wheelchairs and rollerblades…

For Moonbeam Nature Trails map and description, visit these sites: